Lets’ Choose the Best Humidifier for Colds

Humidity is a naturally occurring moisturizing agent that can be used to relieve dryness. Dry air around you cause discomfort and irritation more so during the winter months or even while using the air conditioner during summer. People use humidifiers basically to relieve:

  • dry cough
  • sinus congestion
  • dry throat
  • cracked lips
  • dry skin
  •  nose irritation
  • bloody noses
  • irritated vocal cords

The type of humidifiers that you use usually depends on your budget, scale of the area that you want to moisturize and your preference too.


I learn that there are basically two types of humidifiers for cold.

Cold mist humidifiers

The cool mist humidifiers pressurizes water in a narrow spout thus breaking down into smaller molecules that float all around the air. ChooseHumidifier.com suggest that the best humidifier for colds if you have children at home is the cold mist humidifier. Even though both humidifiers create suitable water vapor to saturate the air, a cold mist humidifier does not emit steam and is thereby considered safe to the children. In addition, cold mist humidifier never incurs any electric bills and is therefore less costly as compared to warm mist humidifier.

Warm mist humidifiers

The warm mist humidifier basically heats the water and turns it to steam. The good thing with the warm mist humidifier is that it keeps you and your family warm, more so during the winter seasons. However, the heat emitted by warm mist humidifiers is not effective over large areas and therefore, warm mist humidifiers are considered to be the best humidifiers for colds over small areas only.


Special care is advised for while using or choosing the type of humidifiers to buy especially if you have children. Burns are actually the most common injuries associated with humidifiers. Do not let children handle the humidifier. That is why cold mist humidifiers are considered the best humidifiers for cold for there is actually no heating is involved.

Moreover, unclean humidifiers enhance growth of bacteria that cause cough and cold. You should thereby be thorough in matters of hygiene. The best humidifiers for colds are not actually the unhygienic ones that can cause other ailments to you or your family. Experts suggest that humidifiers have the potential to release some minerals and micro-organisms. Well,they are not considered harmful but the residue can bother humans with asthma thus use of distilled water is recommended to avoid this problem.


The humidifier is an essential too in our day to day life to our families and households. All that matters is the way in which we choose the type and the way in which we use the humidifier for colds. Basically, The cold mist humidifier appears to take home the trophy as the best humidifier for colds. In fact, the risk involved with this type of humidifier is much less that the ones related to the warm mist humidifier. Lets not also forget that the cold mist humidifier incurs less cost and is very effective even over large areas. All you have to do is play safe and smart with humidifiers and you are absolutely guaranteed of the best results. Humidifiers are actually one of those home appliances that you just fall in love with and love to handle along enjoying the service that they offer you.

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