Job Opportunities at Antun’s Restaurant in Queen’s Village

Looking to find a summer job? Want to get an experience in the hospitality industry? Antun’s catering hall in Queen’s Village is looking for enthusiastic and hard-working students in either high school or college that aren’t afraid to learn and grow.

As a catering and event venue, Antun’s will give students a glimpse into what it takes to work in the hospitality industry. Employees must be seventeen years old to be eligible with a willingness to learn. They must also be energetic with a love to smile. In addition to this remarkable employment, Antun’s further offers a unique eligibility in adapting to the schedule of the student. Therefore, Antun’s works with students to comprise a schedule around school obligations in order to provide the highest employment satisfaction and personal growth.

Since January 1945, Antun’s offers a family environment to the public, serving the community and featured guests with the utmost hospitality and family values. From a family run business, Antun’s hopes you will be a part of that and joins them for the summer!

For further inquiries, please contact Antun’s at 718-468-6400.